Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rocky Reflections

Reading articles online makes me a skeptic. Writing articles online makes me a hypocritical jerk because of my first sentiment. With every article I read I fall victim to skepticism. I'm constantly met with a different version of myself because of it.

The articles we read at some point contradict one another and have us second guessing our initial response to stimuli. In these articles we're usually told that something is bad for us, or that something is good for us. We're told that we should make better choices and that there are no bad choices. We're basically told sweet nothings to give us something to think about over time. 

I don't publish photographs as much anymore because I'm inside my own mind. I'm not concerned with what others think about me, but I do care about what people think about my work. I only want to post my best work. I could do quantity over quality, but quality stands for endurance. 

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