Monday, February 23, 2015

The Views from Adler

In these harsh winter months I go through my archives quite a bit. I'm looking for a diamond in the rough. That's the concept of scouring the libraries in my Lightroom collection anyways. I process a lot of my images, and then do nothing with them. Nothing at all. They sit in dated folders on my hard drives. Waiting. Waiting for me to browse through them one day and revisit their memories. It's like putting your head into that bowl in Dumbledore's chambers in Harry Potter. 

Very rarely will I find an image that I've processed and end up liking it today. I usually end up re-editing the image and then seeing if I like it after I've re-processed my work. I mean just the other day I published a Mono Lake image from California that I took in 2012. Why? Because for the last 3 years I've hated every single version I edited. The main reason for that was because I was in the wrong location to photograph the Tufa Towers, but hey... it's all part of the equation. 

Do you edit and then save the files only to re-edit them later? Here are some images from Adler that I've edited more times than I'd like to tell. Why? Mainly because I was looking for something that I didn't see at first. 

Below is a screenshot of unprocessed images in one of my many "to be edited" folders. Don't ask me how I name my images. Usually a television show or music is playing and one of the words or phrases ends up resonating with me. There are a few images below that I've published, but still feel unfinished... 

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